Trochu Alberta is in the midst of farming communities located in the heart of the badlands.   The show itself will be held at the Trochu Lions Club RV site.  

The EKKOC premium list and Westwinds Premium list are now available on dog if you want to find out about events , get a camping spot or find out about the hotels.   

Campsite and Dog Show

Venue and events


The camp site has a number of fully serviced spots.   Suggested that once the entries open you not delay if you will be camping and want full services..

The grounds.jpg
The Grounds


Lots of room for everyone.   Large tents are up to provide shade and protection from the elements, both sun and rain


Glamping available


With the help of one of the local RV dealers you can camp in style..   Trailers can be delivered and fully set up  if you want to stay in the heart of the action