You have a choice.   The full meal deal which is all three dinners for $70.00.  There is no further discount for children under 12, so the 3 meals for Children would be $50.00.     


If you choose to buy the meals individually, then the prices are as below. 

There is not much in Trochu so we are offering three fun but great meals.


Hot dogs and Smores.    We will also have beans and a salad available along with some chips. as well as a drink, pop or water.    Cost for this will be 15.00 ,  $10.00 for children under 12.  Join us for a relaxing, fun evening around the fire before events get started.    

FRIDAY NIGHT    DINNER and the AGM   There are door prizes but you must be there to win!!!!

Roast beef with baked potatoes, Caesar salad, coleslaw, buns, pickles, condiments and one alternative meat for persons not having the beef. (chicken or Turkey breast)  and desert.    Cost of this will be 30.00 per person.   Children under 12 will be $20.00.


Whole roasted Hog, stuffed potatoes, Greek salad, coleslaw, buns, pickles, condiments, and one alternative meat for those who do not like pork.  (Chicken or Turkey Breast) and desert.  Cost of the meal is 35.00 or for children under 12 $20.00.

You can order your meals and mark your attendance for the AGM on the order page.   Just click on it in the menu line.    

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pig roast.jpg