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Karen Joyce

Stranfaer Flatcoated Retrievers


  Although my first dogs were working Springer Spaniels, I have owned Flatcoated Retrievers jointly under the Stranfaer affix with my husband David since 1988.


  In all we have owned thirteen Flatcoated Retrievers, our first were truly dual purpose my husband worked them and occasionally gave gundog demonstrations and I showed them. Our first Flatcoat Torwood Vesta (Christie) appeared on TV in a programme called Super Dogs in a gundog competition. Sadly due to other commitments the working side of our life has taken a back seat and our more recent dogs have only been shown.


  We currently own 5 flatcoats 3 bitches and 2 dogs ranging from 24 months to 13 years. Although we do occasionally breed we only have a litter when we want another puppy ourselves so in the 30 years we have owned flatcoats we have only bred 8 litters.


 In 1992 I was invited to judge for the first time and I have judged many Flatcoat and Any Variety gundog classes at open show level. The kennel club passed me to awarded Challenge Certificates for the first time in 2004 and to date I have awarded CCs at 6 championship shows in the UK.


 In May 2011 I was invited to judge abroad in Sweden at the Spaniel & Retriever Club show (bitches),in December 2014 I judged at the Retriever Club show (dogs) in Switzerland and in June 2016 I judged at the Flatcoated Retriever Club show in Finland (dogs). I thoroughly enjoy judging abroad as it gives me the opportunity to go over even more examples of our lovely breed and meet the people responsible for caring for and safeguarding the future of our breed in their respective countries.


As well as being a member of the Flatcoated Retriever Society (FCRS) in England I am also a founder member of the Northern England Flatcoated Retriever Association (NEFRA). I was elected onto the committee for NEFRA in 2003 and since 2009 I have been lucky enough to hold the position of chairman for the Association.


I am really looking forward to judging in Canada and look forward to meeting you all in July 2019.

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Cheryl Kistner 

Kistryl Flatcoated Retriever

I have been an owner of Flat Coated Retrievers since 1985 and got my start on the working side of the breed.   I have owned quite a few of the breed,at least 15 to 20 dogs since 1985.   I have shown dogs since 1982, as I started with a Golden Retriever in obedience.


Four of my personal dogs are in the US Flat Coat Society Hall of Fame with another two in process.   I used to train and show my dogs mostly myself but now I need some help.   I am committed to maintaining the Flat Coat a a show and working dog.


My Introduction to the breed was a wonderful little Flat Coat named Am. Can. Ch. U-UD Grousemoor Periwinkle Am. UDTX WCX SH Can UDT WCX.   She was everything you could hope for in a Flat Coat, pretty, companionable, healthy and a good worker.   She died at one month shy of 12 years old.


I was the Treasurer for the Flat Coated Retriever Society of America for 4 years and was a member of the Health Committee.   I am currently President of the Flat Coated Retriever Foundation and spend many years as its' Treasurer.   The Flat Coated Retriever Foundation is a funding committee for health and rescue projects exclusive to the Flat Coated Retriever.   I am also President of the local Flat coat club, Flat-coated Retriever Club of Illinois.


I co-bred my first litter in 1999 with the help and advice of a respected and established breeder, Helen Szostak of Grousemoor Retrievers, Kistryl Retrievers was born with my second litter in 2001.


I co bred my third litter in Dec 2005 with Marilyn Wilcox.   Marilyn has been in the breed since 1997 and is very concerned about working ability as well.   We have bred several dogs in the FCRSA Hall of Fame including Group Winners, MACH, UD, TDX and MH.


We live on 4 acres in a Chicago suburb and enjoy living with several flat coats, training them and occasionally breeding a litter.   We also have two beautiful Long Haired Standard Dachshunds, Rosey and Ribbon.m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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Eva O'Keefe

Edmonton Alberta

I have been a Canine Performance Judge for the CKC since 2006.

My first exposure to the Canine Performance world was from my late father who owned and trained several different kinds of retrievers for hunting.

As an adult my choice of canine companion started with the Chow Dhow in 1984.

In 1988 my late husband and myself purchased our first Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   We raised and trained Wheatens under the Kennel name Nothinbut until 2004.   My very first OTCH was a female wheaten terrier named Gypsy.

Since 2005 I have owned and trained Labrador Retrievers.


We are very lucky to have two great judges to do our Working Tests.

Barry Kolodychuk from Chilliwack B C and Dee Parsons from just outside Calgary.

Both of these individuals have been long time enthusiasts of the sport and they both have a tremendous ability to read the land and set up tests that although challenging at times are set up knowing how the dogs will read the obstacles and react to the land and water.

Really looking forward to having both these great judges at our National.

These tests will have a limited entry so if you want in  do not wait to get your entries in.